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2016.08.19 | iNano

Qualifying exam: Malthe Hansen-Bruhn, On Aug 26 2016 at 13:15 in Aud. D4 (1531-219)

Title: "Modified oligonucleotides for bioconjugation and sensing"

2016.08.19 | iNano

Qualifying exam: Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen, On Aug 26 2016 at 10:15 in Aud. F (1534-125)

Title: "Modified DNA for sensing and templated oligomerization"

2016.08.16 | iNano

Qualifying exam: Mikkel Bach Skovsgaard, On Aug 23 2016 at 15:15 in Lecture Theatre G1 (1532-116), Dept. of Mathematics

Title: "Method Development for Metal Directed Protein Labeling"

2016.08.08 | iNano

Qualifying exam: Steffen Sveegaard, on Aug 8 2016 at 13:15 in iNANO Aud (1593-012)

Title: "Improving State-of-the-Art Electrochemical N2O and H2S Microsensors"

2016.08.04 | iNano

Visit by Associate Professor Thomas LaBean, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University.

Associate professor, Thomas LaBean from North Carolina State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, visited CDNA from July 10 to August 4 2016. During his visit he gave a lecture concerning his research projects. Prof. LaBean is a member of CDNA His current research projects involve the design, construction, and testing of…

2016.07.04 | iNano

Awards to PhD student, Guido Grossi, for Best Junior Oral Presentation

Guido Grossi from the group of Ebbe Sloth Andersen participated in the 2nd Functional DNA Nanotechnology Workshop 22-24 June 2016 in Rome, Italy. Guido's talk entitled "A DNA nanodevice to modulate single-enzyme activity" won Best junior Oral Presentation.

2016.07.04 | iNano

Awards to PhD student, Steffen Sparvath, for Best Poster Presentation

Steffen Sparvath from the group of Ebbe Sloth Andersen attended the 2nd Functional DNA Nanotechnology Workshop 22-24 June 2016 in Rome, Italy. Steffen's poster entitled "A 6-helix bundle folded by co-transcriptional RNA origami" won Best Poster Presentation in the category Innovation.

2016.06.17 | iNano

Qualifying exam: Rasmus Peter Thomsen, Physics Aud (1523-318), Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Title: "Engineering Dynamic and Functional DNA Nanostructures" Main supervisor: professor Jørgen Kjems

2016.06.12 | iNano

PhD defence: Michael Vingborg Kjelstrup, Wednesday 15 June 2016 at 13:15 in Aud I (Department of Chemistry)

Project DETECT – Rapid Detection of Drugs in Solution by DNA Displacement

2016.06.12 | iNano

Visit by Prof. Andriy Mokhir, Department of Chemistry & Pharmacy, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, on Wed June 15.

Prof. Andriy Mokhir gives a Specialized Lecture on 'Singlet oxygen – responsive bioconjugates for control of biochemical processes and detection of nucleic acids in vitro and in live cells' on Wed 15 June 2016 at 10:15 — 11:00 in iNANO aud (1593-012). Kurt Gothelf is the host of Prof. Andriy Mokhir's visit in connection to the PhD-defence of…

2016.06.12 | iNano

HONOR: Anne Louise Bank Kodal elected as Denmark’s candidate for Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium

Former PhD student and post doc in Gothelf Lab elected as Denmark's candidate for Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium, which will take place in Manchester on September 1-2 2016. Here she will have the chance to earn the title, "European Champion in Medicinal Chemistry".

2016.05.27 | iNano

PhD defence: Hüsnü Aslan, Friday 3 June 2016 at 13.15 (1593-012)

Transitional Self-Assembly of Biomolecules – Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies

2016.05.18 | iNano

PhD defence: Huiling Zhao, Wednesday 25 May 2016 at 13.15 in Aud D2 (1531-119)

Investigation of Molecular Self-assembled Systems at Liquid/Solid Interface.

2016.05.17 | iNano

Visit by Prof. Kevin W. Plaxco, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Prof. Kevin W. Plaxco gives a Specialized Lecture on 'Better Living Through Biosensors' on Mon 23 May at 11:15 — 12:00 in AUD G2 (1532-122), Dept. of Mathematics.

2016.05.13 | iNano

CDNA Workshop 2016

On May 17-18, 2016 CDNA will have its 10th and also final CDNA workshop at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.

2016.04.29 | iNano

PhD defence: Lasse Hyldgaard Klausen, Friday 6 May 2016 at 13.15 (1523-318)

Imaging with a Nanopipette - a new Approach for Mapping Surface Charge Density.

2016.04.01 | iNano

Victoria Birkedal and Ebbe Sloth Andersen hired as associated professors at Aarhus University.

Victoria Birkedal is hired with a shared position at iNANO and the Chemistry Department and Ebbe Sloth Andersen is hired to a position at iNANO.

2016.04.01 | iNano

Visit by Dr. Ralf Jungmann from Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Imaging and Bionanotechnology, Germany

Dr. Ralf Jungmang gives a distinguished iNANO lecture on "Super-Resolution Microscopy with DNA Molecules".

2016.03.17 | iNano

PhD defence: Anders Hauge Okholm, Monday 4 April 2016 at 13.15 in iNANO Aud (1593-012)

DNA Nanovehicles – a Smart Approach to Deliver Drugs to Specific Cells in the Body

2016.03.11 | iNano

EUR 2 Million Grant to RNA Origami Research

Assistant professor Ebbe Sloth Andersen from Aarhus University has received EUR 2 million from the European Research Council (ERC). This grant will help him bring biological nanostructure research into a new phase in the field of synthetic biology – a field which may ultimately have enormous significance for the medicine, energy, food and…

2016.01.20 | iNano

PhD Defence: Anne Louise Bank Kodal

Anne Louise Bank Kodal is defending her PhD thesis, "Guiding Macromolecular Assembly by DNA" on January 22 2015 at 13:15 in Auditorium F (1593-012).

2015.12.10 | iNano

Paper in Nature Communications

Paper from Kurt Gothelf in collaboration with partners from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics in Nature Communications: "A DNA-based system for selecting and displaying the combined result of two input variables"

2015.12.07 | iNano

Dean's Challenge: Rasmus Thomsen (Jørgen's group) and Jeppe Dehli wins the food challenge

Congratulations to Team ReCulture for winning the food challenge. The idea was to turn old milk into sour dairy products like sour cream and yoghurt in your own home. More can be read on the Dean's Challenge webpage.

2015.11.13 | iNano

Guest Lecture: Rasmus Lerchedahl Petersen

Rasmus Lerchedahl Petersen, Research Developer at Microsoft Research Cambridge (Biological Computation Group), will visit CDNA and also give a talk on "Current and Future Tools for Designing Molecular Computation" on November 13, 2015, at 14:15 in 5335-016 (Peter Bøgh Auditorium at Katrinebjerg).

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