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2010.02.28 | iNano

Single-molecule chemical reactions on DNA origami

Researchers at the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for DNA Nanotechnology (CDNA) at iNANO demonstrate that it is possible to control chemical reactions on DNA nanostructures and generate images of reactions of individual molecules. The results were published on 28 February in Nature Nanotechnology. The article is…

2010.01.01 | iNano

Professor Kurt Gothelf receives the EliteForsk award

Professor Kurt Vestager Gothelf, Department of Chemistry and iNANO, and director the of the CDNA center, recieves one of five EliteForsk (elite researcher) awards from the Minestry of Science, Technology and innovations. Press release EliteForsk link (in Danish)

2009.12.01 | iNano

"The Nano box" elected as the top Danish research result of 2009

The Danish engineering journal, Ingeniøren, has elected the DNA nano-box as the research breakthrough of the year 2009 for science and technology. In May 2009, researchers from CDNA, iNANO and University of Göttingen published an article in the journal Nature that described the design and production of the smallest box in the…

2009.11.24 | iNano

Jørgen Kjems receives research award

On 24 November, the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs’ Research Award 2009 will be presented to Professor Jørgen Kjems of iNANO Center and Department of Molecular Biology at Aarhus University. This award is made in recognition of critical, outstanding and innovative research. Press release

2009.10.09 | iNano

Seminar by Ned Seeman

On Friday the 9th of October 2009 professor Ned Seeman visited CDNA to give an iNANO lecture on "DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life". Ned Seeman pioneered the field of structural DNA nanotechnology by suggesting and demonstrating DNA as a building block for nanoscale science. His group at NYU continues to contribute major advances to the field,…

2009.05.06 | iNano

DNA origami box with locks and keys

The DNA 'origami' method was extended into 3D to create an addressable DNA box on the nanometre scale that can be opened by externally supplied DNA 'keys'. The study appeared online in Nature, May 6, 2009. Abstract and press Paper in Nature Nature podcast DNA origami software New! Fold a model of the DNA box in paper

2009.01.01 | iNano

CDNA international collaborator publishes in Science

The research group of Hao Yan has published a paper in Science entitled "Control of Self-Assembly of DNA Tubules Through Integration of Gold Nanoparticles", where they show how gold particles incorporated into DNA strands drive the formation of a variety of three-dimensional spiral architectures. Read the paper here!

2009.01.01 | iNano

Kasper Jahn wins EliteForsk travel award

Kasper Jahn has won the EliteForsk travel award amounting to 250.000 DKK for his research on the application of DNA self-assembly chemistry for bringing together proteins and metal particles at the nano-scale. Read the news here (in Danish)

2009.01.01 | iNano

Joint paper by Vipergen ApS and CDNA

The Copenhagen-based biotechnology company Vipergen ApS and the group of Kurt Gothelf at CDNA are publishing a joint paper on the YoctoReactor technology in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Read the paper here!

2008.09.01 | iNano

Nanotube video about DNA design

Ebbe S. Andersen and colleagues introduce their ACS nano paper about a software program for designing DNA origami structures and the characterization of DNA dolphins with flexible tails. The full article may be found at this DOI. Video link

2008.08.01 | iNano

CDNA researcher publishes in Science

Thom Labean is coauthor on a recent Science paper that reports the success of synthesizing molecular tubes with monodisperse, programmable circumferences, which is an important goal shared by nanotechnology, materials science, and supermolecular chemistry. Read paper

2008.06.01 | iNano

New DNA origami software released

The SARSE - DNA origami package version 1.0 was released on the CDNA website (see intro page). The package makes it really easy to design complex DNA nanostructures. The package has a nice tutorial that goes through the steps involved in creating the logo of the University of Aarhus in DNA (see tutorial).

2008.06.01 | iNano

Dolphins from the logo of the University of Aarhus constructed in DNA

In a new ACS NANO article CDNA researchers describe the design of DNA-dolphins from the University of Aarhus logo. The novel DNA structures are characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and shown to have flexible tails. The study involves the development of new software to design DNA-nanostructures of any shape and is expected to advance the…

2008.06.01 | iNano

Joint international papers

Two joint papers from the groups of Hao Yan at Arizona State University and Kurt Gothelf at University of Aarhus have recently been published. The first paper published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. describes a new method for conjugating DNA to Au nanoparticles and immobilization of these conjugates on DNA origami. The second paper published in  Angewandte…

2008.01.01 | iNano

Kurt Gothelf receives ATV-prize

Press release (in Danish)

2007.08.01 | iNano

CDNA celebrates its inauguration

Open invitation Press release

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