CDNA Workshop 2016

On May 17-18, 2016 CDNA will have its 10th and also final CDNA workshop at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.

2016.05.13 | Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen

The annual CDNA workshop is a well-established tradition at CDNA, and this year's 10th and final CDNA workshop is held on May 17-18, 2016, at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort. 



We spend two days and one night at the CDNA workshop, and the program consists of a mixture of scientific discussions, presentations and challenges. However, another important aspect is also social interactions. 

The topic of this year’s workshop is "Application Oriented Statistics” and professor Per Brockhoff (DTU) will be responsible for the teaching. We will review some of the most useful methods  and how / why / when each should be used. 

See a detailed program below.


We will go by bus to Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort, which is a 1 h 15 minutes ride. We will be leaving the iNANO House at 9:00 on Tue, May 17, and arriving at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort at approx. 10:30. On Wed 18 May at approx. 14:15 the bus takes us back to the iNANO House.


Himmerland Golf & Spa Resport is a conference centre situated in the northern part of Denmark. There is plenty of opportunities for sports and activities incl. golf and swimming.

CDNA Workshop - program day 1CDNA Workshop - program day 2