Molecular Programming in Copenhagen

On May 2nd – 4th, 2013 professor Kurt Gothelf together with professor Erik Winfree, Caltech (US) and Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSCR) hosted the international workshop “Advances in Molecular Programming and Computation: Toward Chemistry as a New Information Technology”

2013.05.02 | Alexander Frederik Sandahl

The workshop took place in Copenhagen at the beautiful facilities of the Carlsberg Academy and Magleås training center. Leading scientists in the fields across disciplines such as mathematics, computer science, molecular biology, physics and chemistry were invited.

The objective of the workshop was to articulate a vision for the advancement of the information science and technology aspects of chemistry and biochemistry, ranging from DNA nanotechnology to synthetic biology as well as related areas - with the goal of bringing this emerging frontier more to the attention of both US and non-US funding agencies. Through a written report the workshop will explore how chemical and biochemical substrates might emerge as a new information technology in the coming century, and help articulate the challenges, the potential, and the need for vigorous research activity in this area, with an emphasis on how researchers (and funding agencies) with deep experience in information science and technology will be integral to developing this frontier.

Read also the press release by DSCR.